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Brief History

The idea of establishing a radio station (GERIN fm 95.5) came from the concern and passion of some Ilorin patriots for the development of the Emirate Community. Ilorin, being the headquarters of both the Ilorin Emirate and Kwara State; has grown from a pre-colonial town into an expanding metropolis. This growth, though desirable; has equally brought challenges that threatened the cultural heritage of the Ilorin Emirate. Besides, the growth is also opening up tremendous opportunities in all spheres of lives. This must be equally harnessed for our teeming youths.

Though, these challenges and opportunities are being addressed in other spheres but there is none through the radio broadcasting. Given the acknowledged positive role of radio broadcasting in development process, the Chief Promoter, Barrister Mahmud Abdulraheem convened a meeting where the persons behind the idea of the station concluded to pursue the community radio license opportunity provided by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

Our Objectives

GERIN fm 95.5 was conceived as a community broadcasting station to serve as a rallying point for the people of the Ilorin Emirate and environs. Specifically, the Station will provide leadership in articulating the development NEEDS of the people; moderates their WANTS while vigorously promoting the consensus of the community on issues. It is also to serve the Ilorin Emirate community in providing timely, national and international news and information that are considered relevant to the community. The station shall identify and transmit local music and other music and entertainment materials in line with the cultural values of the people of the Ilorin residents.

The foregoing are listed below as specific objectives:

  • To promote the Ilorin language and culture towards retaining our cultural heritage in the context of contemporary society.
  • To disseminate information and analysis of issues and events that is of local, national and international importance.
  • To generate revenue, in line with the NBC guidelines on community broadcasting; through the sale of air-time and to promote other commercial activities like product exhibitions, shows, events and joint promotion of products and social activities.
  • To install and maintain equipment for gathering, processing and transmission of information on radio
  • To mobilize the community for development aspirations and defend their interest as appropriate
  • To facilitate the achievement of these objectives through relevant support services
  • To facilitate the building of economic community that is line with modern ICT requirement
  • To use the facility of the station to promote educational aspiration of the community through educational broadcasting approach.

Design & development

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Our mission is to provide quality programming for cultural education, reliable information and entertainment needs of the Ilorin Emirate Communities.

  • Vision Gerin fm 95.5 Ilorin

    To be the leading station for the promotion of cultural awakening and re-orientation

  • Programming Policy and Philosophy

    Primarily, GERIN 95.5 fm is established to provide specialized broadcasting for educational purposes. Educational broadcasting is the use of broadcasting, in this case radio, to achieve formal, informal, non- formal and other forms of education as may be defined by experts in the area. Furthermore, educational broadcasting combines the traditional functions of broadcasting of Information (news and current affairs), education (enlightenment and educative programmes), Entertainment (relaxation and amusement) with the traditional educational functions of developing the intellectual, moral and skills capabilities of citizens. Therefore, Gerin fm 95.5 shall be guided by this objective in its programming conception, design and transmission.

    The station shall maintain a 3:1 programming ratio between educational (formal, non-formal and informal education) and general audience programme. In order words educational programmes shall constitute seventy five percent (75%) as against twenty five percent (25%) for general audience programmes. For the purpose of clarity, the station is neither primarily a commercial nor entertainment station. The station shall work in collaboration with the Department of Mass Communication for the conception and production of programmes in all ramifications

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